Brigid of Dingle


Brigid of Dingle, is a Comedy/ Dramedy/ Animation script written along the lines of “Chocolate” & “Angela’s Christmas”. I believe it would appeal to a wide range audience.

Brigid is a ten year old girl living in the city of Dingle, Ireland with her parents Ruth and Toby. They sell eggs, milk, bread, beer, & butter at their store “ The White and Red Holstein.”All of their products come from their farm and the efforts of their hard work.

Brigid is not like the other girls her age. She reads the bible, tries to stay away from trouble, and models her life after her favorite patron saint, St. Brigid.

Toby, Brigid’s Da, is never pleased when his daughter and wife are helping the less fortunate of the town. His most prized possession is a jeweled sword that has been in his family for centuries. It was said that a witch in his family owned it and it has special healing powers. He keeps it as a security blanket and will pass it down to Brigid, his only daughter some day.

Mr. Broadripple has done well for himself. He is a real estate investor and owns several apartment buildings in Dingle. When he gets the opportunity to double his profits, he gives The Goat Street Ean Corrs ( Goat Street Misfits) a two week eviction notice.

The Goat Street Ean Corrs are: Michael Patrick Cormac, ( Red Deer) a drag queen, and aspiring hat designer who’s idol is Philip Treacy. Michael Patrick takes on the role of house mother. He lives with Finn Tobin ( Hedgehog) a compulsive hoarder who finds a use and a purpose for everything.

Nessa O’Brien ( Sheep) who is legally blind, and in the late stages of dementia. Finally there is Aisling Cunningham ( Red Fox). Aisling has not been able to leave the gaff for over two years since the disappearance of Dingle’s beloved dolphin Fungie. Aisling was a fisherman, and mothered her fellow crew before anxiety and depression crippled her.

Brigid’s neighbor Mrs. O’Cleary is dying. She wants Brigid to take over her duties of “Guardian of the Misfits, Homeless, & Poor”. Mrs. O’Cleary tells Brigid that her greatest super power is that she can see things two ways. Brigid see’s the Goat Street Ean Corrs as animals. She is the only one besides Mrs. O’Cleary who can see them both ways.

When Brigid discovers her friends on Goat Street are getting evicted, she is on a mission to help. Her deminor changes to some not so saintly behavior. She teams up with Fiona, a popular girl to give Mr. Broadripple a run for his money.

After Mr. Broadripple steals Toby’s sword he starts having bad luck. His investment fall through, he thinks he’s losing weight, and his hair, and eventually a house fire due to his D.I.Y. skills.
He gives back the sword to Toby wanting the curse to end.

Brigid helps the Goat Street Ean Corrs confront their fears. Aisling is able to go outside. They look one last time for Fungie. She accepts the fact he’s not coming home. When they return to the flat they discover it’s burnt to the ground. They think all their things are gone.

Before Mrs. O’Cleary dies she has insight and takes all their possessions to her house. She makes rooms for each of them.

Brigid turns Mrs. O’Cleary’s house into “St. Brigid’s Learning Center”. Michael Patrick’s dream comes true in his dream to see Philip Treacy.

Directed By – Lisa Ann Penner-Dang

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