MAINELLA MARTIN, A Customs Broker in her late thirties, owns a Customs Brokerage and Freight company.
ANITA LOPEZ, in her twenties, is one of Mainella’s employees. Anita sees a get-rich-quick opportunity in selling information about security loopholes in handling High-Grade Military Weapons returning to the USA. The weapons are exported from the USA by their manufacturers as samples to get orders.
Anita shares her idea with her boyfriend Facundo Kano in his thirties. Facundo with the help of his uncle who lives abroad arranges a meeting with potential buyers, he drags along his reluctant brother Mateo Kano in his low twenties.

The potential buyers FRANCISCO CABRERA AKA PANCHO in his fifties, and SAMUEL SANTANA Pancho’s boss in his forties, review a list of weapons arriving soon provided by Facundo, and they like the idea, but they force their own methods and terms, which is not what Facundo and Mateo expected. Now everybody and everybody’s family security is compromised, including Mainella’s.

Mainella learns from Anita about the plan to get the weapons and about her family security. She feels upset to be pulled back into her past to fight the same old bad people, but at least this time she’s on her own and doesn’t have to play by the rules.

Mainella starts right away working with Anita on her plan to turn things around for Samuel and his people.

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