A private detective is hired to find her client’s runaway kid sister. During her search, she quickly stumbles upon a steroid ring that her client has been skimming from.


Brook Savage…bad ass…wise ass…private detective.

“GYM CANDY” is a crime/drama/noir feature about a wisecracking private detective, BROOKE SAVAGE.

Brooke is hired by LEVI to find his runaway teenage sister, STACIE. Within 24 hours, before she can even begin to look into the runaway teen, Brooke discovers that Stacie has taken off with her big brother’s steroid stash. When Brooke stumbles upon a steroid ring, where Levi is skimming drugs and not paying his supplier, she suspects Levi and his girlfriend AMANDA know more than either is willing to share. She also discovers the ring is run by a very dangerous man, a man known only as BEAR.

After Levi shows up at Brooke’s office with Stacie, a series of steroid rage induced events leads to multiple violent confrontations. Confrontations with Levi and Brooke, Bear’s thugs and Brooke, and Levi and Bear’s thugs. A trail of beatings and bodies culminate with Bear making a visit to Brooke. To protect Stacie, and to save Levi and Amanda from Bear’s wrath, Brooke takes on Bear in one final showdown.

Writer – Armand Arekian