La sposa nel vento – The bride in the wind (ita-sub eng)


A group of artists organize a day to remember all the women who were victims of violence. Through
a series of performances, they craft a collective yet personal story, that talks about their lives and
about the lives of others, moving between past, present and future, swaying between the memories of
a child evoking atrocious circumstances, intertwining sorrow with threads of hope. 
"The bride in the wind" is an 80-minute feature film, shot in interiors and exteriors, whose time span
develops over a period of about one hundred years, trying to tell how, especially in the last century,
this violent social scourge has emerged from the darkness and the silences of the victims, finally
finding a voice and media coverage in today's society. This however has not been yet enough to stop
the intensity and frequency of the acts of violence against women. 
The women at the center of "The bride in the wind '' bring together live performances, interviews and
testimonies, different languages, to give life, but above all, to give voice and substance to the struggle
for affirmation, for the right of expression, for their own existence.

Director – Giovanni Coda

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