Logline: When his brother is killed, an Italian immigrant struggles with the decision to kill the man who called the hit: the head crime boss of Mano Nera (the Black Hand Society), who also happens to be his wife’s brother.

MANO NERA is a 129-page screenplay based on the true story of Samantha Caprio-Negret’s (one of the writers) Italian great-grandparents. Ultimately, it’s a time-period and a love story with the Black Hand Society (Mano Nera) as a backdrop; it has some unique twists, including how it begins in modern day Florida, flashbacking to 1917 in New Jersey. It intertwines two stories of two separate couples in different time periods, and how they correlate.

MANO NERA is a compilation of real-life events and some fictitious scenes and characters. There is no need to have the life rights on the characters in the script because they are all deceased, and all names have been changed. The main characters are based on the writer’s ancestors.

Facts have been taken from the book, “Murders in Monmouth: Capital Crimes from the Jersey Shore’s Past (Ch.6 Revenge of the Farinella Brothers)”.

MANO NERA was a finalist two times in the CREATIVE WORLD AWARDS Screenplay Competition in 2018 and 2021. It’s also a winner of 4THEATRE Selection of 2021 and a semifinalist in the NEW YORK INTERNATIONAL FILM AWARDS of 2021 as BEST DRAMA.

Writer – Samantha Caprio-Negret, Richard Price Sorin

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