sinister lies


What if all the events taking place in the world were a conspiracy to bring about the new world order?

Eider, an Oxford university student who, thanks to her high IQ, is tracked down by the US secret service to be recruited as a spy. Burack and Sam, two experienced secret service agents, train Eider in the world of espionage.

Jeon, on the other hand, works for the Asian secret service, which is pursuing the same goal as the American secret service. The plans of the world’s elite, led by Won.

Jeon, devises and executes a plan to uncover their intentions. But things go wrong. The plan is discovered and Jeon is unable to escape with the information obtained and dies on the run. Won’s security checks Jeon, but finds nothing. He does not know where he has left the information.

While Burack is in hospital after an attack, Sam and Eider learn what happened to Jeon, and try to find out the whereabouts of the stolen information before the world’s security elite find it. Thus begins the race between Sam and Eider to get hold of the information about the plans that the world’s elite want to carry out and, on the other hand, the world’s elite itself, to recover the information before their perverse plans come to light. To rule the world, to bring about a change of world hegemony, creating a single world government, a single global economy and even their own religion, falsifying the doctrines in the Vatican and provoking an apostasy.

The elite’s plan is already designed and set in motion, covid was the main start to destabilise the economy of the most powerful country in the world and begin to weaken it.

The recovered Burack, the rookie Eider and Sam, have to hurry and act before World War III breaks out and prevent the emergence of the new world order.

Writer – Alejandro Omar Marello

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