Soiled Shorts: THE SERIES


“It’s a tale of villainy, greed & murder!”
– a very important TV critic

In a city on the brink of destruction, a demonic entity takes the form of a beloved childhood actor who is bent on vengeance towards anyone who doesn’t ask for an autograph. As his plan unfolds, he causes havoc and mayhem wherever he goes. Only one man stands to oppose him, thwart his plans and save the city. Armed with his gun, a dame by his side and his imaginary friend “Teddy the wonder lizard”, he sets out on a journey to defeat the evil that plagues his city and return it to a place of peace and prosperity.

Sounds like a show everyone would want to watch, right?

Unfortunately, we don’t have the money to produce it, so we’re just going to stitch together a bunch of skits, humorous vignettes and spoofs to fill thirty minutes that won’t make any sense.

Upset? Too bad! This is animation and to be fair, none of it makes any sense!

Director – Giles Sander

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