Los Angeles California 90’s; During a night spent with his gang formed by budding teen
criminals and bullies, the leader John Connor fearless overbearing and aimless bully
challenges a shy and awkward boy Michael Pain to join his gang. Michael secretly steals
his father Donald Pain’s car by driving at night towards Desert Beach, where they have
arranged to meet, but this test is not enough for John because he wants much more than
this. So, he decides to challenge Michael in a swimming competition in the rough ocean,
putting Michael’s car up for grabs. John is a skilled swimmer while Michael drowns that
same evening. The gang runs away taking away Michael Pain’s expensive car given to him
by his father. John returns home agitated and dirty, and he is noticed by his mother but
cannot tell him truth, also because, John is forced to witness the umpteenth physical
violence and rages of his godfather an alcoholic, and with his mother and his dog they are
forced to go to live in a trailer living in hardship.

Writer – simone izzo

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