Coney Island Promise

Project Overview A man and a woman, who enjoy each other’s company but are in committed relationships, promise to meet in Coney Island 12 years later if they are not attached. Will the man who returns on the promised date find the woman again amidst all the sights and sounds of Coney Island? Director Name …

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Seasoning of the Soul

Project Overview As two people crave power, they receive a taste – if they listen and accept Croix. Director Name : Charli Brown Producer Name : Charli Brown, Lenny Lagdamen

Change The World

Project Overview Angelena Bonet presents her documentary short film “Change The World”. She is the recipient of the ‘Humanitarian Award’ at The Jane Austen Film Festival 2020 (U.K.), the ‘Human Spirit Award’ at the DOCS Without Borders Film Festival 2020 (The Bahamas), the ‘Salute Award’ at Bare Bones International Film Festival 2020 (U.S.) and numerous …

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One: Bullet

Project Overview A short film about a mysterious single bullet that appears at a door step. Director Name : Tamiz U. Rezvi Producer Name : Tamiz U. Rezvi

I Need You

Project Overview “I Need You” is a visual showcasing the diverse beauty of women and different qualities that men need in women that they struggle to choose between because ultimately no one is perfect. Director Name : Keenan Noir Kelly Producer Name : Keenan Noir Kelly

Inked In Blood

Project Overview In a desolate, unremarkable town in the mid-eighties, Aesop Quarrels grew up living a tortured existence. His father, Sheriff Edsall Quarrels, was a cruel and vindictive man on his best of days. More so after the birth of his “freakish albino son”(his words). Amid the constant abuse, he endured while growing up, Aesop …

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