Overview A stage magician deals with horrific hallucinations during his acts that simultaneously depict nearby unrelated deaths Writer : Matthew L Stevens

V real

Overview In a dystopian future where society is controlled by a virtual reality, Darlene is a mercenary of this business trying to settle her lifelong debt with her sponsor Mr C. one of the mafia leaders and large distributor of this reality. Darlene strikes a deal with Mr C. to bring their debt to a …

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Overview Actor/Comedian J just wants one day to relax and bake some Brownies but his annoying neighbors keep bothering him all day. Director : Joshua Basili

The Righteous

Overview Deeply religious detective interviews a man who he thinks is a serial killer and is compelled to act. Director : STEPHEN MICHAEL KELLY

Into the Abyss

Overview “Into the Abyss” is a gripping and intense drama that takes viewers on a thrilling journey into the depths of the ocean, where a skilled dive team must confront treacherous challenges to safeguard an underwater wellhead and prevent a catastrophic disaster. Captain John Mitchell leads a team of divers and experts on board the …

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Overview A robot after working for years in a factory and being repaired and replaced bit by bit realizes that he doesn’t want to loose his identity and sets out to find his creator. Director : Demeter Lorant

The Mohawk Monopoly

Overview The Mohawk Monopoly explores the Cincinnati Mohawks’ dominance of the International Hockey League while an affiliate of the dynastic Montreal Canadiens in the 1950s. The history is chronicled through motion footage, still imagery, motion graphics and player commentary. The Mohawks are the most decorated hockey team in IHL history, having won six consecutive league …

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