Iron Khan


Parvez Khan Alias “Iron Khan” aka ‘Raja’ was an Area Commander of JKLF (Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front) in the early Nineties fighting an armed rebellion against India for Freedom. His younger brother Tariq Khan was killed by a rival Pro-Pakistani group and that is when he decided to live a non-violent life for the future of his family.

He started a backpacker’s lodge in the ski village of Gulmarg. A popular tourist destination between travelers. Dedicating his life to peace and channeling his energy in cooking for people. Growing up amongst international riders his elder son ‘Dada’ caught on to snowboarding at an early age. Dada started guiding foreign riders on the mountain living in the hut. Ashraf the younger son on the other hand fully administered and supervised operations at the lodge. The trio of the father and sons together become a sustainable team finally gaining traction in the tourist industry. However not for long as the GDA (Gulmarg Development Authority) deems them Illegal and seals the hut. A start of some of the most frustrating times for Parvaiz Khan and Family.

Director – Naseer Khanday

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